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Nnna Li


I can not thank Joanne enough for making me such a beautiful bride on my wedding day on 28th May 2016. Before making any contract, we had a trial at her place in Plaistow which is very convenient for us to visit. I wanted to be naturally beautiful and she made me so! As a Chinese, I don’t have complete double-fold eyelids and that is why my husband and I were looking for an Asian makeup artist in the first place. Joanne is very good at making girls’ eyes bigger and also elegant! We were very happy! We also asked her do my makeup for our engagement photos before the wedding.

On the wedding day, she did the makeup for my four bride maids, one English, three Chinese girls, they all looked so pretty. She is efficient and professional, after the four makeup, she also managed my makeup, my hair style before the ceremony! I had two wedding dresses, one is for the church and reception, typical white dress, she made a very elegant hair style for me, half tied up and half hanging down, it went very well with my dress. For the evening, I changed into a classic red Chinese wedding dress, she re-did my hair to match it. I can’t describe it in detail, but it was a BIG surprise for myself, I have never been so traditionally CHINESE! All my friends and relatives were so impressed, they said I look like a Chinese star in the movie (probably they haven’t seen a traditional Chinese dress in real life), and one friend asked for her contact details just after the wedding finished. She also offered several options for jewels to go with different dresses and hair styles for my wedding day. They all look so beautiful.

The most surprising gift from Joanne is a lovely short video she made for us including lots of big moments of the wedding. Before the official photos come out, this is the most important video we have to show people and we have watched it many times. It is so romantic and nice. We thank her so much. 

We are so happy with all the job Joanne has done for our wedding, she is a pretty lady and very nice to talk to as well. We would definitely recommend  her to any bride, Asian or not, she can make you absolutely more beautiful for your big day. Thank you Joanne, we wish her own wedding in Taiwan this winter go perfect and she deserves that.


Nana and Stephen


Having Joanne for my hair and makeup was one of the best decisions I made for the wedding. From the very beginning we had had several rounds of discussions where she provided great advice and suggestions. I was very pleased with my look on the big day and received so many compliments. I felt absolutely confident and beautiful.
Not only is Joanne equipped with superb styling techniques, she is also such a lovely and sweet person who anticipates what her clients need- My wedding was on the hottest day last summer with a record-breaking temperature of 38 degree in the Italian Alps. Joanne carried a huge bottle of water with a straw for me to keep me hydrated as we went around the town and the vineyard for photo-shoot. With her by my side it had really helped me be at ease as I knew I was well looked after.
Ariel Wang

Dear Joanne,

I would like to say a huge thank you to you Joanne for your amazing work on my wedding day. You made me look fabulous! I have never felt so pretty in my life. My husband loved my hair and make up so much as well. He even didn’t want me to change the second hair style cause he really loves it that the way you pull my hair up, like a princess. And thank you for accompanying me whole day to make sure everything was perfect, you just made my big day absolutely wonderful! Thank you again for your professional and hard working, I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends!




Ping Lam

Hello Joanne,  


I hope you got home ok last night. I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. 


I received endless comments about your hair and make up and you was more than just an make up artist, you was really accommodating and helped were you could. I'm so glad I had you as my make up artist and wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you again for making the day special

Ping xx


Dear Joanne:

I really love your make up stlye,I’m so lucky to have met you through the photographer Zhi.

I really admire your patience and your passion for make-up.

In the beginning we looked at different samples and communicated and you helped me to find the most suitable’s make up for my complexion.

I’ve never seen myself looking so pretty!!

Until now,When my friends and my family see my wedding pictures,they always praise your talent so much.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.








我從沒看過自己這麼漂亮過!! J







I contacted Joanne after seeing her work on her website. I thought her makeup style is very current and natural, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I have to say that I was very impressed with her professionalism and attention to details after first meeting her during the makeup trial session. She listened to what I want as a customer and delivered well.


Most importantly, she is very puncture and finished her job well within promised time. Thank you so much for making me looked pretty during my big day! "


Yi Yian 


Joanne did a great job on my wedding, my first impression of her was when she came to my house to do the make-up trial. She was very professional, kind and friendly. She listens to my ideas and gave me some helpful advice and suggestions. 

On my wedding day, Joanne almost spent a whole day with me, traveling between venues to take care of my hair and make-up. She did a wonderful job, her service and personal attention to detail is extraordinary. 

I couldn’t be happier to recommend her service to any of my friends and family. In fact, some of the guests on the wedding day have already asked me for her contact details, she was that amazing J

If I have any special occasion, I would definitely love to have her to do my make-up again.

Mei x


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for doing my hair and makeup on my wedding day. I loved it! You were prompt, friendly, reliable and really listened to what I envisioned for my big day, for which I'm really grateful for. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family, you helped to make my day a wonderful one! Thank you so so much!


Joanne was an exceptional makeup artist to make your day stress free. She came to my venue early and started to work straight away. She has impeccable attention to detail and spent a long time to make sure my Mother's and my makeup are absolutely perfect. She also brought with her a complete range of accessories to make sure that they match with my wedding dress. She has a light touch on her makeup application so that brides look natural on their special day and not heavily made up. Make sure to book Joanne early as her calendar fills up quickly! Thank you Joanne, now I have so much beautiful memories from the day.


(Pre wedding shoot in Provence, south France)

後來看了Joanne facebook裡新娘的示範照就立刻有"叮!就是Joanne啦"的感覺!



Thanks Joanne so much for being my makeup artist in my engagement photoshoot in France.
I always feel so lucky to have chosen Joanne as she has turned me into a pretty bride-to-be with natural, fresh and warm makeup and hairdo.
Joanne is very professional and I love all her make up as they are exactly the style I want.
She is very nice too. She was not only the makeup artist, she also acted as the assistant on that day with my wedding gown, high-heels, etc., and helped us take a very warm video.
I would strongly recommend Joanne to my friends.




Vikki Cheung

(Wedding in Genova, Italy)


As someone who never experiments much with make-up and hair, I did not have many ideas about what to do on my big day. Joanne gave me a lot of advises and suggestions during my trial and helped me choose what suited me the most. She also gave me some tips a week before the wedding to make sure my skin would be in the best condition. 



After a sunny holiday, my skin became a few shades darker than when Joanne first met me. Joanne brought with her a huge case of various shades of everything to make sure the make-up would fit my new skin tone. 


During the day, Joanne was quick to adapt the last minute change in timings that she had to do my make-up within just half the time. She never left my side and was always there with all the tools to fix my make-up and hair. 



Joanne was also there calming my nerves, putting up my super tight dress, helping with my shoes and carrying my veil!


Joanne - a massive thank you to you! My make-up and hair were amazing and I had never felt so pretty! 


(Pre wedding shoot in Provence, south France) 

I am incredibly pleased to have Joanne as my make-up artist on my pre-wedding photoshoot both abroad and in the UK. Since my fiancé and I are based out the UK, I was not able to have any trial make-up beforehand, but any sort of nervousness soon disappeared when Joanne started working her magic on me. Introduced to me by my photographer, the first time I met Joanne was at the airport, welcoming her to an overseas location where we would be having the first part of my pre-wedding photoshoot. Her friendly and outgoing personality put me at ease right away. Being incredibly professional, Joanne did not waste anytime in finding out what sort of look I was going for and I noticed her studying my face, already planning what to do the next day. She proposed a few make-up and hair looks based on the gowns and dresses I have brought along with me which was helpful to me as I had no idea what I wanted beforehand. 


Joanne is good in making my eyes appear larger than they are and picking out accessories to match my outfit. She is detailed and very responsive to any of my concerns during the make-up and hairdo sessions as well as throughout the entire photoshoot, which is to any bride’s benefit. Joanne also kept a positive attitude at all times even though we had an early start to the day. Besides ensuring my fiancé and I look fabulous throughout the day, she was also very helpful in assisting us on our wellbeing during the photoshoot. On top of that, Joanne surprised us with a charming video compilation of the day which is lovely to reminisce back on. 


I would recommend Joanne to any bride, her friendly personality and her professional etiquette will help you relax and enjoy your big day that much more.


Amanda and Garrett


“When I was planning  my wedding, I really wanted a makeup artist who understood oriental features – how to enhance them such that I look my most beautiful during my wedding. I do not wear huge amount of makeup normally so I was really hoping for a natural look that would allow me to feel like myself and not be self-conscious about looking too ‘done up’ on that day. That’s exactly what Joanne delivered for me. I cannot thank her enough.


Looking back, my makeup and hair were just what I envisioned – my makeup was light, glowy and most importantly, it lasted all day and night and looked beautiful in all the photographs! My hair was delicately done up and it stayed up for as long as I can remember! Everyone absolutely had great things to say about the overall style Joanne did for me as well as my mum. Engaging Joanne was really the best thing I did. She really took into account my preferences and features, and made me look my best.


From the moment I saw her work online and went for a trial, I knew she was the makeup artist I was looking for. Joanne is very professional, very good at what she does, takes in your opinions and most of all I find that she makes her clients feel very comfortable and at ease. Joanne – thanks so much for being a part of my special day. You are absolutely brilliant in what you do!”

Sunny & Amy

Dear 攝影師 日堯 & 化妝師 Se-Chun Liu : 




Dear photographer sunny pang & make up artist Joanne Liu :


It was such a great chance to know both of you, and thank you guys so much for completing this memorable pre- wedding Photoshoot for Amy and i back in London this time. We were amazed by your talent, profession and humor so much, and truly wish both of you a great future in your career ! Fighting ! :)


We had a good time :)) thank you very much again!


I was looking online for an Asian bridal makeup artist based in London and got to know about Joanne's services when I stumbled upon her website. I didn't know what to expect but before I flew over to London, I was already in touch with her sending her pictures of my wedding and evening gowns, hair colour and bare face without make up on.


My pre-wedding shoot took place over 2 days on 26 and 28 March 2017 and Joanne was very punctual on both occasions, even when the first session started very early at 530am. She was very professional with her work and at the same time very friendly and easy going. She consulted me on the look I wanted and provided me with good advice, when I was undecided. I was beyond pleased with the hair and makeup she created for me. The make up was natural and at the same made me look like a prettier, more dolled up version of myself. The hairstyles she created also matched my gowns perfectly.


Joanne was very attentive at the photoshoot and made sure my hair was intact and that I kept warm with my coat. She helped me with my change of outfits and was also very flexible and accommodating with my requests, even when they were given at the last minute. She even went the extra mile by helping me put together a hand bouquet, and much to my surprise and delight, she value added by snapping behind the scene pictures and videos at the pre-wedding shoot, which I could share with my family and friends. The videos and photos she took serve as a good record and memory of a once in a lifetime experience at the photoshoot.


Thank you very much Joanne for your amazing work. It was a wonderful experience having you as my make up artist and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you!



Joanne Lee

Joanne, you are a real talent, and you have far surpassed my expectations. It was very lucky of me to have found you from the internet. To be honest, i found ~5 Asian artist in the U.K., and you were my top choice! When you replied that you were available, I was absolutely delighted (and relieved 😆.) I was so glad that I started searching for a makeup artist 6 months prior to the day. If I had waited longer, I'm sure you would have been booked out for another job. Everyone in HK would do a makeup trail, but having seen your work on your web page made me really confident that a trail would not be required. I eventually found you on FB and saw more recent works of yours which again reassured me that I have found the right person. Both my bridesmaids and my mom were super happy with their makeup and hair. They just can't stop saying how good you are! For me, I have never looked so pretty in my life!!! Massive thank you to your time, efficiency, patience, and most importantly TALENT to making us all look like princesses 😊. My husband was so stunned to see me looking so beautiful as I walked down the aisle. The compliments to my makeup and hair continued throughout the day (and continued as more people saw my photos.) Some compliments went so far that I started thinking whether I look that bad without your makeup 😒😂. I cannot thank you more for your work and professionalism! You made it a very pretty day for us 😬.


Joanne, best of luck in your future endures. So many lucky brides will hopefully have found you (like me.) You played a major part in my wedding, and I'm sure you do in all your other jobs, and that they are as pleased as me.


Joanne Lee Farrington Xxx


I did not have any bridesmaids at my wedding but Joanne helped me out incredibly by carrying my bouquet and jacket, whist making sure I looked my best at all times throughout the day. At an early start of 7am, she arrived on time and started working right away. We had limited time, but she handled it professionally and was very quick with the hairdo. Even helped me with putting on my dress!  


Looking back at the photos of that day, I am glad that I trusted her expertise on my make-up. She followed my wishes to apply as light and natural looking as possible. I would definitely recommend Joanne for her professionalism and attention to details. For anybody looking for an expert in creating double eyelids, she is the one!

Best regards,



I was so glad to have hired Joanne as my make-up artist for my pre-wedding photo shoot.

Joanne was recommended to me by a friend. I first met Joanne at the airport (we were travelling from different places), one day prior to shooting. I was initially a little nervous as I did not have a chance for a make-up trial. However, I felt at ease with her the moment I met and spoke with her. I could tell from our first meeting that she was very experienced.

Joanne provided wonderful and thoughtful comments during our pre-shooting meeting. Throughout the two shooting days, Joanne was always very sensitive to any concerns that I had and looks that I preferred. The two make-up styles that she did on me were exactly what I wanted! Joanne also provided timely touch-up to me and my husband whenever necessary. When not applying make-up, Joanne would take photos of me and my husband. The photos she took were of very beautiful too!

Joanne was not only professional, she was easy-going, fun, and positive. It was a great pleasure to have her around on such important (yet stressful) occasion. I would highly recommend her



I know Joanne from a friend’s wedding. Seeing her work on the day I decided to hire her. Joanne did two make ups for me – one for pre-wedding photo shoots and one for the wedding day. I was so busy at work that I didn’t have much time to do research and meet up with Joanne beforehand. After the pre-wedding shoots I thought that I looked pretty but not quite myself. After hearing my feedback, she immediately invited me back for a makeup trial and we also have many exchanges afterwards about the look I am after.


What I appreciate Joanne the most is her work attitude. I have also seen other artists in London, but none of them is as detailed and as careful as her. She is always upbeat and very welcome to communication, which I also appreciate a lot. I am really pleased with her work - I got so many compliments on my look on the wedding day. She also does side-shoots and videos (focus on the bride ;)) which is really sweet and heart-warming.


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